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Unique & Insightful

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Such a great resource for traders and investors alike. You get Nick's insightful videos and daily commentary alongside quant data from the critical deviations and spreads within the market. A truly unique tool!

new money

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Nick - if one is looking at applying this to a separate 'pot' - is -85 still a buy TLT here, or isnit better to wait for the next swing signal ? tia PK


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I like the commentary which makes a change from some of the hyperbole you see around market experts - but Nick, I have a query - can you explain what happened in October of this year? On your performance page your Risk on/Risk off model is showing a loss of over 9% - what happened to cause such damage? Seems to have soured the result for the year.


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I've followed Nic for years. To now see the model behind some of his calls is nothing less than amazing! Thanks for sharing, your content and take on the markets is invaluable. Cheers, J


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Excellent and professional job! What else could we expect from Nick Giva? “Mine and bid on”


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