I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a profitable and safe 2019.

Whether you have stumbled across this site by accident or are an ardent fan and subscriber, I want to hear from you and engage with your thoughts and ideas.

All I have done is automate and put online the tools that I use to manage my investments.  I have developed them over a number of years and I know they help me.  My mission here is simply to help as many people as possible to outperform in the long term a buy and hold investment strategy and/or give them the tools to engage in intelligent discussion with the wealth advisor or broker who is managing their investments.  I firmly believe that average returns in the next few years will be poor. Which means that to stay on track with your financial goals, will require some agility and engagement on the part of the owner of those assets: you.  The days of just giving your portfolio to be managed by Merrill Lynch (or whoever) are long gone.  They just do not have the smaller accounts’ interests at heart. Anything below $10m minimum is peanuts to them and is subject to very little tailored effort in maximizing returns, if any.

I will endeavor throughout 2019 to constantly add tools that might help you further. Although I am not managing your money, I do feel a very strong fiduciary responsibility to only publish tools that are unambiguous and that I feel can be used safely by people who are not finance professionals. That is why I am reticent to publish too much at once, lest it confuse.  I hope to have found in the blog a good tool to clarify and expand on simple signals, giving you an idea of the risks involved and how to mitigate them.

I am always keen to have comments, questions and ideas from you, so keep them coming!

Happy New Year!