Due to the heavy workload some freeloaders impose, we are switching to a different methodology for Subscriptions, which will be totally automated.  There will still be the Yearly Plan and a Quarterly Plan. On top of those, we are introducing the Monthly Plan, which will require a PayPal recurring payment to be set up before it is implemented. It will not charge anything for the first 30 days (so you effectively still have a 30 day free trial). You are free to cancel within PayPal in those 30 days and pay nothing. And you are also welcome to cancel that Monthly plan and switch to a cheaper Quarterly or Yearly one at any time within those 30 days.

What this mean for you:

  • If you are on the Free Trial at this moment: you will need to set up a new account, set up a recurring payment through PayPal and then you will have effectively another 30 days to make up your mind. Your existing account will be deleted over this coming week-end. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause, it will not happen again. Once it is all automated, we will be free to concentrate on content as opposed to administration.
  • If you subscribed already or subscribe through Charityhedgefund.com: nothing.  Everything stays the same for you. No need to do anything.  If anyone is excluded in error (hopefully not), just email me and we should be able to fix it within minutes.

Once again, sorry to all those who might be inconvenienced. This will be implemented over this coming week-end and all current free trial accounts will be deleted then.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,