First apologies for yesterday, we suffered a systems failure but have learnt how to fix it, which is something.  We know that we still need to fix the Deviations charts and that we hope to do later today.

Riskdial @ -26, still very weak.

The Deviations green lines are rapidly converging to the market: 283.5 and 278.4 are the boundaries of the green area and it has so far held the market beautifully. Every dip into them has resulted in a strong bounce.  However, this will only last for a few days.  If the market cannot make significant headway, the Deviations will start diverging and allow for another leg lower.

The Daily Model is within 0.48 of giving a sell signal(likely tomorrow) and the Weekly model could give one too. This indicates more future weakness.

A stock to look at today is: CMS (buy on all indicated pullbacks).  There are approximately 40 stocks in S&P 500 with a perfect trend score and all fairly close to, or making new all time highs.

We are still in Daily, Weekly & Monthly Risk On.