Riskdial has not improved from -45.  The risk market is worsening by the day and we do not seem to have found truly firm support. The Deviations green area come in at SPY 277.5 and the lower boundary is 273.1. That means that somewhere in there will be a good temporary (at least) low. Buying call spreads between those levels will have a very high probability of profitability.  But once the market breaks through the standard deviations and expands them, a powerful trend could emerge. But that will take several more days and a bounce from the green area is a very high probability event.

The Daily Model went to Risk off today, adding to long term concerns.

A stock to look at today is: CHTR (buy on all indicated pullbacks).

We are in Monthly Risk On only, with 20% in equities and 80% invested in TLT.