Riskdial now @ +57.  Solid performance. When the dial is stable at higher levels and does not back off with small variations in equity prices and then jumps with price, it tends to mean that the internals were merely resting and catching their breath for the next move higher and then confirm the move up by improving.  The riskdial has not looked back since the market vaulted over 2864. SPY is very close to the x2 Standard Deviation point which tends to provoke a short term setback, but that is likely to be a buying opportunity overall. Please look at the Deviations tab. It never stays in the red for long. It corrects either through price or time.

The MAs on the Daily Model are now positive (triggered Thursday, as explained).  The Weekly Model is likely to trigger long equities in 2 Fridays time, as it is improving about 10 points per week. You can see that in the data box under the weekly model graph. The weekly is the most reliable longer term indicator.

A stock to look at today is: MSCI (buy on all pullbacks).

We are in Daily Risk On, with 20% in equities and rest still invested in TLT.

Odds heavily favor the upside in equities.