Riskdial @ +39, up 8 despite the fall in the market.  This is obviously a small correction which will probably peter out at the mid line in Deviations: 292.1

The Deviations red line comes in at 307.3, so still a full 3% higher than today’s close. The market has been treading water enough to get the Deviations lines to diverge and can therefore move higher at any stage. One should NOT fight a new closing high, especially now. We are in a position to advance with risk being favored over safety. Look at the Sunday video (link in Weekly Review) for detailed updates of range expectations.

A stock to look at today is: KIM (buy on all indicated pullbacks).  There are approximately 100 stocks in S&P 500 with a perfect trend score.

We are in Daily, Weekly & Monthly Risk On.