Unchanged today at +19. Market doing nothing.  As I said for a week: “the most probable course of action now (we always have to play the percentages) is a retracement off 2864 which lasts some time and allows the moving averages to catch up and then cross, giving a buy signal for risk.  If the daily model scores improve more, despite temporary market weakness to say, only 2775 or so, that will be almost assured.”  It seems to be happening.  Although it will certainly be quite volatile, we are slowly moving to risk on and probably new all time highs. The MAs are now within 18 points of each other (you can see this in the data box below the Daily Model) and the lower is pointed upwards.  A cross is about a week or two away, unless something changes dramatically.

The most improved stock today: EIX

We are still in Risk Off, invested in TLT.

We are now very near to a big impulsion moment, either up or down.  Odds are beginning to favor the upside.