Dear Fellow Investor,

Is your investment portfolio working as hard as you are?

Is your pension on track to meet your retirement timeframe and goals?

Are you losing confidence that your broker or wealth manager is giving you the best advice and in a timely manner?

Was your portfolio decimated by the bear markets of 2001 and 2008?

How do you know when your investments should be playing offence and when should they be defensive?

Is your performance keeping up with the market?

Is all the advice out there frustrating you?  Most importantly, is it based on mere opinions or real measurable facts?

If any of these questions currently trouble you, you will benefit from my investment tools. I have developed them over a 35 year investment career precisely to answer with confidence the questions which currently vex you.

Just like you, I have been the attempted victim of broker mis-selling and bad timing advice. I believe that, in general, the financial industry does a very poor job of looking after its clients’ long term interests. That is why I created these tools which are data based, rigorous, logical and dispassionate. Because retirement is too important to leave to someone whose primary interest is to generate fees for himself.

Please watch the videos below which will answer in detail how and why these problems arise and how my tools solve them for you. Please make time to watch them, it could be one of the most important decisions you will make to ensure a happy and timely retirement for you and your family.

If your portfolio is not matching the Performance that my tools generate, you will benefit from using them regularly. They will give you the certainty to invest with confidence. Please watch the videos in the Investment Tools for details of how and why they regularly beat any buy-and-hold strategy and why you will enjoy stronger returns with peace of mind by using them.


Nicholas Givanovic

The Problem

The Analysis

The Solution