***Important*** Pro subscription is NOT INCLUDED in the Weekly Videos subscription, and must be purchased separately.  

I produce a video nearly every week, almost always on Sundays, for a total of approximately 45 videos per year.

I cover the past week’s developments in bond markets, yield curves, the USD, gold, commodities and equity indices. I look forward to potentially significant developments during the next week or longer timeframes, marking significant levels in each asset class and explaining what the consequences are likely to be should these levels be breached. I always endeavour to have a consistent view across asset classes and have verification of those views from multiple spread and risk indicators, in order to maximise the odds of having a correct, coherent view of what global macro markets are likely to do and why.

Each video is approximately 40 minutes long.

Riskdials+Macro are not included in the videos subscription, and must be purchased separately.  

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