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Hi, I’m Nick. I started my career as a bond trader with JP Morgan and Salomon Brothers, before running my own hedge fund in the ’90s.  I retired from managing outside money in 2001 to run my family office.  I’ve developed these systematic investing tools to help identify when to reduce risk exposure and when to adopt a more aggressive approach.


Nick Givanovic

Hi, I’m Robson. I have spent my career in the trading and investment industries through positions in buy-side equity research, investment research for family offices, as well as risk management at energy trading firms. With Riskdials, I aim to provide exceptional investment research and tools.


Robson Chow

Riskdials Reports

Riskdial Model

The Riskdial serves as the heart of the system, classifies the investment regime as Risk-On or Risk-Off.

Spread Ratios

The Spread Ratios contextualize the Riskdial Model explaining why it is scored as it is on any given day. 


The Riskdial research analyzes the Riskdial score to forecast S&P 500 returns, volatility and risk.


The trends reports highlights significant trends and changes in trends across various asset classes. 

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