We disseminate our daily research and analysis through our Slack channel, the Trading Analytics Community. This platform is powered by the Analytics Bot and mirrors the functionality of our web application while also integrating the capabilities of GPT-4o.

The Analytics Bot posts the Riskdials reports daily in the Riskdials channel. To access the reports, click on the thread posted by the Analytics Bot. It contains all relevant Riskdials reports and performance tracking for major indices and S&P 500 Sector ETFs. This performance tracking enables you to compare an asset’s performance against historical Risk-On or Risk-Off regimes, facilitating a quick assessment of whether the asset is aligning with expectations.

The Macrodials channel distributes the weekly Claims and Monthly Employment reports as well as mirrors the functionality of the web application.

Commands for macro charts can be accessed using macro.commands and commands for quantitative charts can be accessed using quant.commands

The Tradewell channel distributes volatility and correlation charts on a daily basis.  The volatility charts highlight volatility risk premium, term structure and mean reversion dynamics for the S&P500.