***Important*** Riskdials and Macrodials are NOT INCLUDED in the Weekly Videos subscription, and must be purchased separately.  

Below you can subscribe to Tradewell Macro, which is designed to guide investors through the economic cycle by highlighting the composite trend amongst indicators and through classifying the current Macroeconomic regime. 

You will receive a weekly email including a backtest of all the major economic releases on FRED.

You will also receive access to the Macro section of the web application which allows you to  test the macro economic indicators and contextualize where they fall when compared to historical signals, such as a 10 Year-3 Month yield curve inversion.

To learn more about Tradewell Macro before subscription please read the documentation.

Weekly videos and Riskdials are not included in the Macro subscription and must be  be purchased separately.  

Sign up for Riskdials here.

Sign up for Weekly Videos here.

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